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August 24, 2013

Is your company facing bankruptcy?

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In 2010 my company was facing bankruptcy due to to low demand, we did’t know which way to turn.

It is very daunting thinking you will have to go bankrupt for a lot of reasons. The main one for me was the stress. We had a lot of unsold stock which was not selling fast enough to keep our company turning over. We searched google for a UK Wholesaler to try move on our out dated stock, sat on the shelves for months gathering dust and losing money. We came across Virrgo who purchase Bankrupt Stock.

We called them up explained our situation, they arranged for one of there buyers to come over and view our stock. After making a firm offer we made a deal… This was pretty easy and helped us get back on the right track. There are numerous companies in the UK who purchase from companies struggling to sell products. One that we would highly recommend is Virrgo.

They purchase all types of clearance lines from Surplus Stock & Excess Stock. Super friendly and knew what they were talking about.

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